Peter Ruprecht

Peter Ruprecht


Born in Buenos Aires in 1976 as a descendent of Argentina’s president Manuel Quintana, Peter’s cultural depth, exotic travels and rich personal and professional character have contributed to his eye for seeking the spirit of the moment.

Self taught and recipient of the prestigious Angkor photography award, Peter captures the natural spirit of people and places all across the world. Like many of his subjects, he himself is nomadic, a wandered amidst the greatness of the world. Through his distinctly honest and deliberate approach, Peter intensifies the relationships between the viewer and subject, achieving immediate emotional and spiritual presence, inviting the viewer to consider the ideas and feelings of the subject, and the eternal soul within all of us.

Peter’s first two NFTs have been massively successful. His first release sold on Opensea for 56 ETH, his second release auctioned by Sothebys sold for $107,100.